About Us

Bulk Pyro Supplies is a professional pyrotechnics company, striving to be the number one supplier in the UK, with the aim of providing nothing short of the best bang for your buck.

Our services are demonstrated through our online platforms and at private events, where Bulk Pyro Supplies have now established an excellent reputation and presence with Mil-Sim events organisers Stirling Airsoft and Defiant Events.

Furthermore, Bulk Pyro Supplies are able to provide special effects services through a third party, giving that cutting edge experience at either airsoft events, parties, weddings and the like. These special effects are event specific and fully customized to the customers’ needs with services ranging from reenactment events, war games and firework displays.

Bulk Pyro Supplies are also renowned for working closely with their suppliers such as Flash Bang Smoke, collaborating to create bespoke products to cater to specific needs.

Bulk Pyro Supplies takes safety seriously, and as a responsible retailer will ensure our products are delivered correctly, and provide detailed instructions for the correct use of all products.

If you wish to enquire about our products or services please feel free to drop the team a message and we endeavour to get back to you at our earliest convenience.