EG Flash Grenade 3.0


Technical Specifications
Fuse Delay: Approx 4-6 seconds
Effect: Loud Noise Report
Effect Duration: Instant
Effect Payload: fragmentation of cardboard tube
Ignition Type: Friction
Composition: Weight 0.5 grams
Size: 20mm diameter x 195mm high
Water Resistant Outer: No
Noise Level: Max 120db @ 10M
CE Classification P1

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The Flash Grenade 3.0 marks a new generation of products from the Enola Gaye explosive labs. The latest version is a ramped-up version of the original Flash Grenade 1.0 with the added Wire Pull Igniter. Super easy to use and deploy, the FG3 is a masterpiece of pyro designed especially for Airsoft and Mil-Sim training. The Flash Grenade has been developed for players who’s gameplay is in low light, urban, CQB, etc. It delivers a bang and a large white flash that confuses your opponent allowing you time to enter the room and dispose of your newly confused foe. Unlike the MK5 Thunderflash, the noise report of the Flash Grenade is much lower in pitch and overall volume, instead designed to deliver a much bigger flash. With its friction ignition, all you have to do is pull off the cap and strike it across the fuse head. The product effect from a flash grenade is from the base of the tube, so unlike the MK5, the tube is not destroyed upon ignition.

Additional information

Weight .5 kg


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