TAG INNOVATION AFG-6 Airsoft Flash-Bang Pea Grenade – Individual


An individual AFG-6 airsoft Flash-bang Pea hand grenades.

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The AFG-6 is a training/airsoft grenade which completely disintegrates on detonation, releasing a medium flash, loud report and around 250 dried peas as very effective shrapnel. The purpose of this stun grenade is to eliminate your opponents as you would with a normal ‘hit scoring’ grenade..

The grenade cylindrical body is made from cardboard with trauma-safe, lightweight polyurethane foam top and bottom discs.The polyurethane lever and fuse head contains a flash-bang charge similar to a Mk7. Only the lever, fuse head and ring pull are not classed as biodegradable but are easy to collect and recycle correctly. TAG Innovation products are commercially manufactured devices that are made in the Russian Kalashnikov factory.

The TAG hand grenades have a 2-stage safety/ignition system exactly the same as a real hand grenade. You pull the ring to remove the cotter-pin and hold the grenade ‘spoon-lever’ until ready to throw. The 3.5 second delay fuse ignites as soon as the spoon-lever is released when thrown.

The flash burns so fast that the grenade should not ignite dried grass or similar flammable surrounding it may land upon.

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